American dream token

Welcome to ADREAM, a community-driven platform that promotes global financial wellbeing by empowering the community to not only be in control of their own money, but create wealth opportunities for themselves as well as others.

About Us

What is $ADREAM?

With this vision in mind, the creator JM launched The American Dream ($ADREAM) in November 2021. A passionate community of believers soon started to take shape as crypto enthusiasts joined together.

From the early days of ADREAM, we became known as the Dream Team, both amongst ourselves and across countless other platforms. This wasn’t just a name. For many it became part of their username, their handle, and their avatars/profile pictures.


Whether you are new to dreaming or have been living the dream since the start, if you fly under the American Dream banner, you embrace our founding principles.

  • We started from zero, with zero. It’s the spirit of the project to create something from nothing.
  • We were not a preassembled team, the community upon which we were founded struggled because of the pump and dump meme craze during Elon Musk’s SNL appearance. This inspired JM to help others actually obtain the promises of that community and obtain The American Dream. The brilliant minds behind ADREAM had never collaborated before let alone spoke previously. They are a fresh team of developers, designers, moderators, marketers, and shillers. When you joined the Dream Team, from anywhere in the world, you found where your talents could be used best, and got to work.
  • Just because it’s called The American Dream does not mean you can’t obtain it from anywhere in the world. Every culture knows The American Dream but we want to see everyone of every culture obtain their own version.


We are proud of where the Dream Team originated and are equally excited for our future. Our Founder, JM, chose to Start the American Dream Token from nothing and gave direction of the currency of our team.


Starting with nothing means everyone has to bring something to the table. The holders and believers in the Dream Team have and will be the source of all our success


Token distribution

44% Locked.
1% Vested monthly for 44 Months for rewards and further development.

30% Launchpad Presale With Pinkswap
(All Unsold Tokens Burnt)

15% Initial Burn

5% Team Wallets

3% Private Sale

2% airdrop to community members

1% Marketing Wallet

Tax Distribution

5% to liquidity

2% Reflected to all holders

1% To Marketing Wallet


Phase 1 – Prelaunch
• Launch of American Dream Token Website
• Establish active social media presence
• Word of mouth marketing
• Dreampaper release
• First AMA in the community with weekly AMA to follow
• Private Presale to fund launch marketing
Phase 1 – Prelaunch
Phase 2 – Launch and Marketing
• Pinksale Launchpad Sale Commences!
• Third party audit
• Listings on GC and CMC
• Listing of logo on Trust and Metamask wallets
• 3rd Party AMA
• Release of V2 Dreampaper
• 2500 Token Holders
• $1000 in BNB giveaway for best Graphic/Animated art (community vote)
Phase 2 – Launch and Marketing
Phase 3 – Governance Token Release
• CEX listing for $ADREAM
• Release of DREAMSWAP/Staking platform
• Governance token launched as staking reward
• NFT Project official release
• 25,000 Token Holders
• $4000 in BNB giveaway for best performing arts concept (song/short film) and will be decided by community!
Phase 3 – Governance Token Release
Phase 4
• Release of DREAMCHART platform
• 50,000 Holders
• $10,000 in BNB reward in a gaming competition collaboration
Phase 4
Phase 5
• Continued work towards helping the world obtain their dreams!!!
Phase 5

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